On your marks, Post, Benefit!

Enhance your brand's value

Enhance your brand's value

Stample, the promotional postcard that is customized to your brand, highlights your know-how and allows you to distribute special offers.
By sending your Stample postcard to their friends, your loyal customers recommend your brand and increase your reputation, while their friends enjoy your promotions.

Be innovative, surprising and impactful!

A pre-stamped and interactive postcard

A pre‑stamped and interactive postcard

Your satisfied customers share their best experiences with their friends by sending them your promotional offer with the Stample postcard.
Via the embedded custom QRCode, their friends can then benefit from the offer when they visit you.

Strengthen customer loyalty, seduce new customers, grow your business!

A Quality Reference

A Quality Reference

Human value is at the heart of the relationship between the retailer, his loyal customers, and his new customers, all gaining from sharing recommendations.
The Stample pre-stamped postcard thus naturally establishes itself as the first "Customer-Certified Quality Reference".

Test your customized postcard!

Our own custom Stample postcard